An injury and new found appreciation

As a few people may know, this year I injured my shoulder whilst playing the sport I coach, Ultimate Frisbee. Whilst diving for a disc and landed solely on my forearm and instantly lost the ability to move my arm above a 45-degree angle. A big oops. Fast forward a week and I’ve been to the hospital and physio and have a suspected cartilage tear. As you can imagine as a player and coach who trains almost every day this was devastating.

10 weeks on and I’m still having difficulty putting things in the cupboard, but now with minor pain. A massive improvement from the weeks of frustration and impingement (impingement is when a tendon in your shoulder rubs or catches on a nearby bone). I’m finally getting to the point of stretching and strengthening my arm/shoulder and am in calmer headspace. 

So why am I writing about this? Well as this is my photography and outdoor blog I thought I’d explain how being injured has given me a new perspective on how I spend my time.

Up until now, I have been spending most of my evening’s planning and playing Ultimate Frisbee but since being injured I have spent more of my time planning hiking and photography trips. If you don’t mind how cliche and cheesy it sounds not being able to play sport has helped reignite my passion for travel and the great outdoors.

All in all, this injury has been a positive experience. Although frustrating at times it has given me a better perspective about how I want to spend my time in the next few months or even years.

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