The LAdybower reservoir walk - 16km

The location

The Peak District is one of my favourite locations for medium length hikes. The terrain diversity is unlike many national parks in the sense that one minute you can be passing a reservoir and then next hiking up through forests to reach the tops of the Peaks. You can choose to climb through rocky terrain or hike the endless Peat flats. I find that this offers such a variant that whatever mood you’re in, you can find a hike to suit. 

The route

I planned out my route pretty carefully before I came. I already knew that it was going to rain pretty heavily and so I tried to time where I’d be walking with when the rain would hit. Realistically as many of you may know that you can’t plan for everything and so I was wearing full waterproof gear from Rohan thinking even if it didn’t tip it down I would be warm no matter what. There’s nothing worse than being too cold and not having any extra layers to put on. 

I parked at the Upper Derwent Visitors centre PC S33 0AQ – just a side note that you do need to pay for parking here, there is also a nice little shop here that can provide you with warm drinks, ice-cream on hotter days and snacks.


4.5 hours moving time

The route I planned (As seen on the left) takes you up by the side of the reservoir up to the next dam, next to Beaver’s Croft, which is when the heavens decided to open up. Thankfully my Rohan Momentum raincoat and waterproof trousers kept me more than dry. I owe it to Rohan as they supplied me with this gear for winning a competition that they ran. I will be writing a review at another point in time. This spot is also conveniently surrounded by trees and so most of the rain and wind was kept at bay.
The path I chose took me up a beautiful little valley to the tops of Little Howden Moor. It was here that the sun decided to break out in all it’s glory and allowed my kit to dry off to I could strip down into more comfortable walking attire.
I would suggest if you’re going to take a packed lunch that you eat in the valley below as it can get fairly windy up on the tops of the moors ergo you can get cold quite easily.
From here I snaked my way up to Lost Lad which was probably the highest point of my hike. It is here where you could choose to extend the walk further if you wish.

From Lost Lad I started my way back towards the car park and took a slow descent down the side of the valley. The views on this side were amazing as seen to the right. I took this long dirt track down my fields of sheep where you could see right across the terrain. This made for some good wide-angle shots as well as some nice shots of the local wildlife.
For those of you reading this who may be interested in bird watching, I spied some Buzzards and Skylarks along the way too.

The descent takes you down onto another track that brings you close by someone’s lovely little dwelling. It is here that I probably took one of my favourite photos from the trip – the third photo down to the right – where you can see the Lady Bower reservoir stretching out before you. I can imagine you could get some stunning photography here at a new moon or in the golden hour.
The last part of this little trip takes you back along a road to the Howden Dam. Which again is another good place for some creative photography. Especially if you’re into your long exposure work and the dam is in full force. Otherwise, it’s a great place to just come and sit and listen to the sounds of rushing water and bird song.


All in all, it was a fantastic trip and really rejuvenated my passion for the outdoors. If you have any comments or feedback you’d like to leave about my blog or my work then please do leave a comment below. If you don’t have anything to say, but want to read more and follow me along my journey then please do hit the subscribe button.

Other than that please stay safe, be respectful of the environment and have a wonderful day!

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    1. Thank you so much. The Peak District is amazing, there are also some really nice walks to be done around Castleton and Mam Tor with equally stunning views!

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