Exploring the leamington locality

Pre-lockdown I was very much under the impression that to see beautiful places and take great photos I had to travel across half the country to some mountain somewhere. It turns out that there are plenty of lovely short walks near my house, which totally saved my bacon during the lockdown…cue GIF of Homer drooling.

I actually managed to find quite a few little circuits in the same area that take roughly two hours to complete. The Offchurch circuit is by far the prettiest and least congested. The Stag at Offchurch is a great place to start as they offer overflow parking for hikers. Perhaps upon return, you could relax in the pub garden with some refreshing beverages. You could begin this circuit from Newbold Common or Cubbington.

The walk itself takes you through fields of sheep and round through Cubbington. It then snakes its way past Newbold Common in Leamington across the river and back to Offchurch. Unfortunately,  the HS2 works are going on for part of the walk, and there is a small diversion signposted. Obviously, it would be much nicer if this wasn’t next to the footpath, but during the lockdown, I wasn’t too fussy as I couldn’t travel far to go walking. 

As you can see from my photos on the right it can easily be undertaken in an evening and if timed right you can arrive back in Offchurch in the golden hour. 


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